Washington Meal Period Waiver Agreement


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However, if a worker is recalled to short-term service, the meal time must be paid. The question was open as to whether employees could forego their 30-minute lunch break, imposed by state rules. The Washington Department of Labor & Industries (“DLI”) had previously given a guide stating that meal breaks could be waived, but this interpretation seemed contrary to the mandatory language of the regulation. Until recently, we did not have judicial authorization of the DLI guidelines. Health workers may also have specific requirements for meals and rest. If the type of work allows employees to take temporary breaks, the planned rest periods are not necessary. Intermittent breaks are short intervals during which staff can relax or engage in personal activities. L&I said that a series of 10 one-minute breaks is not enough and that if the type of work is continuous, for example. B on a production line, intermittent rest periods are not allowed. Employees who work more than 3 hours beyond their scheduled shift are entitled to additional meal hours. Additional meal hours of 30 minutes must be completed within five hours of the end of the first meal period and for every five additional hours.

If an employer offers paid meal time, it must always make every effort to provide uninterrupted meal time, and if the meal time is interrupted, it should continue after the interruption until the employee has received 30 minutes of total meal. Under Washington State`s Meal Break Act, an employer must grant 30 minutes of meal time to an employee who works five or more consecutive hours, although under state law, employees can waive the lunch break. . . .

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