Stock Holding Agreement


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This relieves pressure and costs and gives our customers the flexibility to recover as much or less inventory as they need at any given time throughout the contract term. In summary, customer service is paramount in everything we do and we will do everything in our power to meet customer needs with intelligent inventory management. There`s nothing worse than ringing your supplier, and it has no stock. This results in delays in your product appointments, an apology message to the end customer to inform about a delay, and may prevent you from working with that provider. Well, that may seem like a hefty sum, but more than a quarter of your shipping costs would be 9% if you maintained that inventory yourself — three months to 3 percent a month. In this case, you reduced your shipping costs by 4.5% during the quarter by asking your suppliers to participate in the charge. The following two tables are a simple example of how your business can reduce the load on the inventory port. The first table shows the cost of a company if it maintained inventory in-house. The second is what that cost would be if the company shared its burden with its seller…

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