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With the exception of the exercise of the aforementioned right of withdrawal, which is indicated therein, the company is not obliged to reimburse any costs or a proportionate amount of the fees paid by the customer for the services. The use of the SmartFront Kft logo or other graphics for the link is not permitted without a trademark license agreement. FROM `Fergal Garvey` AM `2019-04-03T10:23:00`FG NOTE: `Check the process PayPal`] send an email to the customer and try to load the customer`s account 5 business days later. If the second direct debit attempt is unsuccessful and no explicit agreement has been reached, the company no longer provides services to the customer from the beginning of the following month until the payment of the following month. The customer may terminate the entire subscription or only certain services on the site at any time. If the customer terminates the entire subscription or services in accordance with these terms during the month for which he has already paid the fees, the company will not refund any fees or amount proportional to the fees paid in advance. SmartFront Kft. is located in: 1132 Budapest Váci út 18. ; Email:, Phone: 0036 1 790-7268. 11.121 Changes If a change to these Terms is not acceptable to you, you may terminate your registration/subscription on the Site and the agreement will therefore not be renewed for the next subscription period. 11.8 Termination One of the parties may not terminate this agreement during the term of the subscription with ordinary notice. However, the customer may decide not to renew the subscription for the next subscription period by cancelling the registration/subscription on the site.

The code and the agreements it contains exist through a decentralized blockchain network.

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