Club Mahindra Membership Agreement


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It`s not worth it. The situation is good. But only the site is not enough to become a member. We should take legal action against Club Mahindra because the amount of money we have paid is not small and what they provide us is just pain. Answer: If you ask this question, Club Mahindra is definitely not for you. it is for those who want to enjoy a luxurious resort-type stay for a few days a year. If you feel like you don`t mind staying in a normal hotel and spending money on other aspects of your vacation, then CM isn`t for you. I also suffer from this club of scammers. I paid almost 90ooo to 1 lake.

towards membership and intends to sell it now that I do not intend to do the same. After all, it`s hard-earned money. I do not understand what needs to be done, because they say that reimbursement is not possible. I couldn`t sell either, except still today. Guide, please. hello to club mahindra member I am 23 years old balance fr white stu intrested please mail earlier this year, despite many negative comments from family and friends, we decided to go ahead and get a mahindra club membership. In Preethika`s words, it was her gift to me, because I prefer a relaxing holiday, while she likes to do a million things a day and is therefore always on the move. The offer seemed tempting, the seller was very convincing, and so we made the leap. Hi Hemant, just one shot and you have a lot of unhappy customers. A few years ago, I fell into the trap of a similar pattern of sterling stations.

The membership was only used 2-3 times. He is still “active”, since he has been for 99 years, but has never recovered. Club Mahindra offered to increase my Sterling membership to son with a few more payments. FORTUNATELY, I DIDN`T FALL FOR IT. Hello to all those rams here from Mumbai I am interested in buying Mahindra club membership if someone is willing to sell Mahindra Club membership, please contact me on 9594745601 RK77, we are also looking for agents who will help us sell our membership – I feel they have welcomed more members, when they can serve and their standards have dropped sharply. Please let me know if you have found a way to get rid of your membership, and I will do the same. Tks. Hello Has anyone had such experiences with sterling holiday? I paid the amount of the initial payment for membership. Then the processing of documents and previlege cards was delayed by two months, which actually spoils the entire vacation plan.

I therefore requested the termination of the affiliation. To date, after 5 months, they answer that your file is in the Chennai office, they process the request and have no idea today. I would like to terminate the above membership for the following reasons: Very well written Mr. Hemant, these people are big scammers and do not fulfill their promises and never help customers as soon as they get the money for membership. I also had too many problems after becoming a member of it, but after too many arguments and discussions, I was able to get my hard-earned money back. Believe me, don`t trust these people, they can do anything to sell their membership. If you have too much free time, you can take your membership, as you may be can get the reservation for all the available data, and you also need to be flexible for vacation locations to get the reservation…

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