Stock Purchase Agreement Philippines


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The purchase price of all shares acquired under this agreement must be paid in cash or by cheque to the selling shareholder. The law authorizes the use of cash and cash (e.g. B shares, other types of ownership) in return. However, in practice, the most common form of counterparty in the Philippines is cash. There are practical advantages to using cash in return. If the consideration is not in cash. B, the SEC`s counterparty must be subject to an evaluation or evaluation procedure to ensure that the ban on the release of irrigated stocks is not violated. The assessment is also necessary for the calculation of the correct tax. Upon the acquisition of shares, the buyer acquires a royalty title. Such property is required by law, although the purchaser may submit the exercise of property rights to another person, which, in cases where there are names and trust agreements, becomes the actual beneficiary of the shares.

In the absence of an agreement, ownership of shares is transferred to the buyer when the shares are delivered. However, the security is not recognized as valid to the extent that it concerns the target company and third parties, unless the transfer is covered by the share and transfer accounts of the target company. This agreement replaces all prior discussions and arrangements between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. This conciliation agreement is mandatory for heirs or successors as well as for the beneficiaries of the transfer and for any agent, recipient or executor of each party`s will. All direct costs of the arbitration process, including arbitrators` fees and fees and translation fees, are borne equally by the parties; other costs, including the fees of lawyers and witnesses, are borne by the party who bears the burden. Arbitrators are not entitled to waive, amend, amend, revoke or suspend the provisions of this agreement. An arbitral award of arbitrators is final and binding for the parties and is not the subject of any other appeal, and a decision upholding the award or judgment after the arbitration award may be referred or enforced by any competent court.

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