Rtd Workforce Agreement


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On Monday, an agency spokesman said the shortage of operators in the urban tram was particularly acute, where the RDT lacks more than 30 percent of the total authorized staff, and only 151 of the 216 needed were operators. On the other hand, the shortage of TDR bus operators is less severe, as the Agency has de-infected 93 out of 1,084 drivers, or about 9%. 6.4 In order to allow maximum flexibility for the company and workers, the following collective agreements have been concluded in accordance with the legislation: 5.2. At these meetings, consideration will be given to coverage of known workloads and additional solutions to meet possible ad hoc requirements for the current week and the following week, using the full range of purchasing options described in the “Managing Change to Work” section of this agreement. 10.1. Royal Mail will also offer the opportunity to develop individuals, aware of the need to reconcile this objective for staff with the need to maintain efficiency and efficiency for our customers. 7.1 Public holidays become normal working days within the meaning of this agreement. When a driver is required to participate in a public holiday on a public holiday, the worker`s right to annual leave is added to an annual leave entitlement in accordance with applicable rules, if it has been approved in accordance with company requirements. 2 You agree that you will have to submit to such a medical assessment, as the Royal Mail Occupational Health Advisers deems appropriate. In the event that Royal Mail`s occupational health advisors feel that you are not fit to drive LNVs, Royal Mail reserves the right to withdraw funding from this agreement in order to allow you to obtain an LGV licence.

In order to ensure greater flexibility and achieve the common objectives of this agreement, the revised customs regime will be based on the following consequences: 12.5. All cases of disagreement on the interpretation or application of the terms of this agreement are referred to the national level and to the signatories of this agreement for an emergency solution. 1.2. Royal Mail and the CWU have therefore agreed on a national framework to facilitate negotiations and consultations on the necessary changes. Therefore, both parties have collaborated to develop this agreement, in which the working conditions and practices to be applied in all units are detailed to ensure that all the royal-mail drivers concerned comply with the legislation and support the development of a flexible and efficient distribution activity that meets the needs of customers. Specific provisions apply to night work, i.e., for TDR purposes, the period between midnight and 4 a.m. for drivers. The most important thing is that in the case of night work, the daily working time should not exceed 10 hours, although the night work limit may be exceeded if an agreement exists.

7.2. Two Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Paragon have been approved for implementation in the coming months, and the terms of availability are included in Schedule 3 of the agreement.

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