Padi Membership And License Agreement


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PADI does not control the number of dive centres it licenses. As long as you deposit your money, send some photos and sign an agreement stating that you comply with certain regulations, you will become padI Dive Center. This leads to the ridiculous location in popular tourist spots, where apparently one out of every two shops is a dive center: Phi Phi Island has 30 dive centers. Phuket is over 70 years old, and Bali 110! How can this be in the interests of members? PADI – Pseudo-Shared Interests Association. When a PADI instructor tries to teach a PADI course when he is not renewed, he takes several risks for himself and his students. Throughout the membership year, members are updated with the latest changes to training standards, which are often implemented to improve student safety. If you miss these implemented changes, you may miss important information that can help you reduce the overall risk to students. By 2019, padi had awarded more than 137,000 professional members and 6,600 dive centers and more than 27,000,000 diving certifications worldwide, according to PADI data. PADI operates in 186 countries and territories. [5] Membership is heavily weighted on men, but in 2016 the organization recorded a 1.1% increase in women`s certifications. In 2016, women accounted for 37.2% of all certifications. The organization organizes women`s Dive Day events around the world to raise awareness among women diver.

[9] Recently, at Dive The World, we considered updating our PADI Dive Centre note to a PADI 5 Star Center. So I took the time to take stock of the situation and assess the pros and cons of the PADI system and decide whether there is an advantage for us to be members and to re-evaluate our membership. PADI is the world`s leading provider of diving certifications and the world`s most recognized diving agency. More than 70% of the world`s divers are taught by the PADI system. However, the PADI system is open to widespread abuse and membership has serious drawbacks. There are violations of standards everywhere. Open course skills are often abbreviated, marginalized, missed, and certainly not mastered. So it`s no wonder that we often hear from customers that some Australian dive centres have even stopped recognizing PADI Open Water licenses purchased in Koh Tao, Thailand – infamous for processing large numbers of students in a very short time frame.

This is quite an accusation of the level of training and proof that PADI has lost the trust of its conscientious members. PADI – Pathetic apathy to dodgy teaching. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is a diving and recreational diving training organization founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. [3] Cronin was originally a Naui teacher who decided to create his own organization with Erickson and divide the training of divers into several modular courses, instead of taking the only universal course that prevailed at the time. [4] If a member`s membership expires, it means that PADI has not documented the member who approves the PADI membership and licence contract for PADI members for the coming year, so the member is not authorized to act as a PADI member. PADI must do more to act in the best interests of its members and not in the interests of its shareholders. It must limit the number of dive centres and professionals in the sector by raising the bar. Do a field study and calculate a few areas that carry membership levels. Make the tests more difficult and varied, make the decisive DM course evaluated outdoors, start with the regulation and examination of its members at all levels – dive centers, DMs and instructors. Make sure the standards are met.

Kick out the mrap, which gives PADI a bad name. Increase subscriptions to existing members to cover the shortfall in earnings. Start with advertising for diving in traditional media. Members will be better able to afford higher fees because they will have more business.

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