Natural Resources Transfer Agreement 1930


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5 The province will also be bound to land or land interests to which the Hudson`s Bay Company is entitled and will comply with the terms of the company`s surrender of the deed to the Crown in the agreement amended by the Dominion Lands Act and the December 23 agreement. , 1924, between Her Majesty and the aforementioned society, the agreement in question was approved by a decision of the Council of 19 December 1924 (P.C 2158), and in particular the province will grant the company all the land in the province that the company can choose and can be made available to the company on the lists of land that the Minister of the Interior has made available to the company under and under the december 23 arrangement. , 1924, and will release and discharge the reservation contained in the patents within the meaning of Clause 3 of the aforementioned agreement if such release and discharge did not take place before this agreement came into force. Nothing in this agreement or agreement on the same amendment as the following does not affect or in any way affect the rights of The Hudson`s Bay Company or infringe any interest or interest in property acquired or held by that company pursuant to the Crown, the Dominion Lands Act or the agreement in question on December 23. 1924. 17 Any right of interest for an unpatented country that is transferred to the province under this agreement and which Canada now considers a guarantee for an advance paid by Canada for seeds, fodder or other facilities will remain in Canada, but the province, on behalf of Canada, will recover the amounts liability for those advances. , to the extent that this is not the case and, with payment of such an advance, any document that must be executed to alleviate the mortgage credit may be executed by a provincial official who may be authorized by provincial law in that name; The province will account for and pay all amounts belonging to Canada under the payment of child support in Canada, subject to such a deduction, to cover the collection costs agreed between the Minister of the Interior and the provincial secretary or another provincial minister that may be agreed between the Minister of the Interior and the provincial secretary or another provincial minister who may be appointed on that behalf in accordance with his legislation. 7 The School Lands Fund, which is to be transferred to the province in accordance with the above provisions, and the school grounds covered by Section 37 of the Dominion Lands Act, which are chapters one and thirteen of Canada`s revised 1927 statutes, in the form of a passport to the provincial government in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, are removed and continue to be managed by the province under the terms of the province. , mutatis mutandis, with the provisions of sections thirty-seven to forty of the Dominion Lands Act, to assist schools organized and maintained there, in accordance with provincial law.

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