Free Trade Agreement Scope


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To find out which products preferential treatment is possible, you need to check the extent of the merchandise for the individual agreement. The scope of product lists is based on the nomenclature of the HS (customs tariff). Products that are not covered by the agreement are included in a separate protocol or appendix. In most agreements, only a few products in Chapters 35 to 38 are excluded from the scope of products, as they are considered agricultural products. In the EEA agreement, these products are included in Protocol 2. First, it is one of the names that are sometimes used for free trade agreements, to emphasize their preferential nature, in contrast to trade liberalization under the WTO or unilateral reduction of tariffs. Industrial products are covered by the main agreement and all products covered in Chapters 25 to 97 of the import tariff in Norway (EFTA countries) benefit from a full duty-free regime. The exemptions apply to individual products that are considered agricultural products, even if they are not classified in chapters 1 to 24. This section contains statistical tables on the status and different classifications of the free trade agreement. It lists the total number of free trade agreements per year and their breakdown by status. This section also contains a list of free trade agreements notified to the WTO and a classification of free trade agreements by importance (bilateral or plurilateral). A free trade agreement can either be proposed, negotiated, signed, but is not yet in force, or it is signed.

WTO members also stated that ATRs can complement the multilateral trading system, not replace it. Director-General Roberto Azev├ędo said that many key issues – such as trade facilitation, liberalisation of services and subsidies for agriculture and fisheries – can only be addressed comprehensively and effectively if everyone has a place at the negotiating table. In addition, a multilateral system ensures the participation of the smallest and weakest countries and contributes to the integration of developing countries into the global economy. Regional Trade Agreements (ATRs) – The WTO uses the term “regional trade agreements” as a generic for all reciprocal agreements, such as trade agreements, free trade agreements and partial agreements. This is because such agreements were primarily within the jurisdiction of the WTO Regional Trade Agreements Committee. In reality, these trade agreements do not need members from the same region (for example.B.

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